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Author: Rebecca Oberg

This learning packet should review:
-Rules for inserting hyphens
-Hyphens with numbers
-Common errors with hyphens
-Difference between hyphens and dashes

Hyphens are often misused, and that's usually because there are so many exceptions to any hyphenation rules. Despite this challenge, the packet appeals to a broad range of learning styles and ages by providing the "best of the best" of online hyphenation help, including videos, slide show presentation, and helpful text. With some perseverance and a bit of effort, proper hyphenation is possible. Learning some key guidelines will help student writing become much more clear and professional.

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Hyphens 101

This helpful slide show presentation gives learners examples and opportunities for practice while providing some simple guidelines for hyphen use. Since there are so many exceptions to hyphen rules, which can be frustrating to students, this slide show really does a nice job of breaking down the concept into manageable segments.

Source: See slide show presentation for citation.

When Should You Use Hyphens? One Teacher's Perspective

This simple, straightforward video offers students some personal guidance on when to use hyphens (as well as a definition and some helpful explanations). This clip is academically sound and a great resource for learners struggling with memorizing the written guidelines of hyphen use.

Source: YouTube

Hyphens and Dashes: What's the Difference?

This video clip highlights some of the primary differences between hyphens and dashes, which are often confused by students. The clip goes into thorough explanations of each, comparing and contrasting the two. Mastering these two punctuation marks is a great way to improve the appearance and clarity of your writing.

Source: YouTube

Hyphen Use: Grammar Girl's Take

Seven Guidelines for Hyphen Use

Though perhaps a bit strange, this video clip offers some helpful rules for hyphens, those pesky and often misused punctuation marks. If you had a grammar-expert grandma who really loved discussing punctuation marks while walking around her garden, this is perhaps the video she'd produce. The slow, clear pace of this video offers lots of time for students to process and remember these rules, and it is also great for English Language Learners.

Source: YouTube