Hypothesis Test - Proportion

Hypothesis Test - Proportion

Author: mary daunis

- To illustrate the process for formulating the claim, null, and alternative hypothesis
- To illustrate how Statdisk is used to perform a hypothesis test for a proportion

This two-part video explores the process for setting up a hypothesis test for a population proportion. In Part 1, I illustrate how to formulate the Claim, the Null Hypothesis, and the Alternative Hypothesis. In Part 2, I show how to use Statdisk to perform the hypothesis test and deliver the final conclusion.

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Hypothesis Testing - Proportion (Part 1)

In this video I explain how to formulate the CLAIM, ALTERNATIVE, and NULL hypotheses. This is crucial to being able to correctly set up your hypothesis test.

Hypothesis Testing - Proportion (Part 2)

Another Example - Part 1

Another Example - Part 2

Another Example - Part 3 - Using Statdisk