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I love Lucy and the Andy Griffith Show

I love Lucy and the Andy Griffith Show

Author: david utsey

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I Love Lucy: How does Lucy tend to needlessly complicate situations? Are the effects of this habit always negative?
I Love Lucy: How does this program deal with—or exploit—Ricky's Cuban heritage?
The Andy Griffith Show: Andy Taylor deals with a variety of disruptive or outright chaotic characters: Barney, Otis, Gomer, and Ernest T. Bass. Discuss how two of these characters function in the show. Why are they there?
The Andy Griffith Show: Opie has no mother. What substitutes does the program provide for him? In your opinion, is he sufficiently nurtured?
The Dick Van Dyke Show: Describe Rob Petrie's home life.
The Dick Van Dyke Show: Describe Rob Petrie's work environment.
The Dick Van Dyke Show: Analyze Sally's situation as an employee and as a woman.

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