IB Visual Art: RWB

IB Visual Art: RWB

Author: greer collins

Create and maintain a series of creative, well researched and effective Research Workbooks for the IB VA exam.

Tips and helpful information for the IB VA RWB in year 1.

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Introduction to Psychology

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Printmaking Tecniques

Block printing, monoprinting, & other printmaking techniques.

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Learn How to Felt

Four free projects using needle felting and wet felting techniques.

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Four Freestyle Mixed Media Stitch Projects

Make fabric art with appliqué, heat transfer, fabric collage, and more.

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Creating Digital Artwork for Photo Collage

Four digital art tutorials.

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Four Mixed Media Collage Techniques

Learn how to make a collage.

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Four Articles on Handmade Books

Learn how to make a book using mixed-media techniques.

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Mixed Media Art Techniques

An overview of different mixed media techniques.

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Art Journaling

Techniques for creative art journaling.

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