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 IBM Unica Campaign Management Online Training

IBM Unica Campaign Management Online Training

Author: Subha Glory

                                              Glory IT Technologies Provides IBM Unica Campaign Management Online Training. We have More Experienced Certified working Experts on IBM Unica   .We also Offers Corporate Training and Job Support Services to All IBM Technologies. We will help you become a Better All-around IBM Unica . We have the Team of dedicated IT Professional to train students in every IT Module.

               Unica is a brand within IBM's software group comprising multiple enterprise marketing management products. With IBM Unica Campaign and its companion products, you can plan, design, execute, measure, and analyze multiwave, cross-channel, and highly personalized marketing campaigns.

                                 IBM Unica products are innovative marketing solutions that turn your passion for marketing into business success. Our comprehensive approach to interactive marketing enables organizations worldwide to understand their customers and use that understanding to engage buyers in highly relevant, interactive dialogues across digital, social, and traditional marketing channels.

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Introduction to Unica Campaign

Concepts and need for Unica

  •      Marketing Campaigns
  •        Campaign Life Cycle
  •        Unica in marketing campaign

User Groups and Roles

  •        Users and concepts
  •          Adding New User
  •         Modify Users
  •         Remove Users
  •        Edit user information
  •       Assign role to Users

User Groups and Concepts

  •          Adding New Group
  •          Modify Groups
  •          Remove Groups

Unica Roles & configuration

  •     Roles and Concepts

Offer Management

  •        Concepts of offers
  •        Offer templates
  •        Offer Creation
  •        Offer operations

Campaign management

  •       Concepts of Campaign
  •       Unica Campaign Overview
  •        Campaign Creation
  •        Campaign operations


  •      Concepts of flowcharts
  •       Adding Flowchart to campaign
  •       Flowchart Creation
  •       Flowchart Processes
  •        Data manipulation processes
  •       Run Processes
  •        Optimize Processes

Data manipulation processes

  •        Select
  •        Merge
  •        Sample
  •         Segment
  •         Extract

Run Processes

  •       Snapshot
  •       Schedule
  •        Mail list
  •       Cal list
  •        E Message

Optimize Processes

Stored objects

  •         Derived fields
  •        User variables
  •        Custom macros
  •         Templates
  •        Stored Table Catalogs


  •       Flowchart cell reports
  •       Segment Crosstab reports
  •       Calendar of Campaigns
  •       System-wide reports
  •       Object-specific reports