Identify the most prominent fallacy

Identify the most prominent fallacy

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Identify the most prominent fallacy


Identify the most prominent fallacy

1. My chance of being born on December 25 was the same as yours. So, the chances we were both born on December 25 have to be twice as great.

2. “Aw c’mon Jake, let’s go hang out at Dave’s. Don’t worry about your parents; they’ll get over it. You know the one thing I really like about you is that you don’t let your parents tell you what to do.”

3. The paint store is the best place to work on your diet. After all, you can get thinner there.

4. All the members of this club have strong views, and all the men in this community have strong views. So all the men in this community are members of this club.

5. I believe that Tim is telling the truth about his brother because he just would not lie about such a thing.

Standard Form:

1. Assuming “All woodpeckers sing really well,” is false, put this claim into standard write the corresponding AEIO claims (whatever this isn’t), and where possible determine the truth values of these claims.

2. Do the same for “No Norwegians are Slavs” (assume true).

Use venn diagrams to determine whether this is valid.  Please show your work:

2.  Only systems with removable disks can give you unlimited storage capacity of a practical sort.  Standard hard drives never have removable disks, so they can’t give you practical, unlimited storage capacity.

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