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Identifying Nouns

Identifying Nouns

Author: Lecia Rau

Students will interact with a video on nouns so that they can identify nouns in a sentence. When finished the student will have a page of notes on nouns and will be able to identify nouns in 3 different ways. Students will practice identifying nouns at the end of the video. 

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Please copy exactly as instructed. These notes will be put in your writing notebook.

Source: Andrew Harrison Grammar

Noun Practice

List the nouns in the following sentences, label them as common or proper, concrete or abstract, singular or plural. 

1. I peek out the front window of our new apartment and look up to see a little glass room lit bright in the dark night. 

2. My mom is in her room unpacking and Natalie's sitting on the kitchen floor, running her hands through her button box. 

3. I've just finished my book when my father comes out of his room with his glove and the ball in his hand. 

4. He wipes his hands on his shirt and sends a fastball. 

5. Get your clothes laundered by Al Capone and other world-famous public enemies. 

Source: Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko