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Read this list of Idioms for Kids


Idioms for Kids to Use

Give it a shot - Try
Speak your mind - Say what you really feel
A piece of cake - Very easy
Slipped my mind - I forgot
Cross your fingers - For good luck
Be in hot water - Be in trouble
It cost an arm and a leg - It was expensive
It’s in the bag - It’s a certainty
Get cold feet - Be nervous
A rip off - Too expensive
Get a kick out of - Enjoy
Read between the lines - Find the hidden meaning
Have mixed feelings - Unsure how you feel
Draw a blank - Can’t remember
Have a change of heart - Changed your mind
Be second to none - Be the best
Get your act together - Behave properly
Play it by ear - Improvise
Have second thoughts - Have doubts
A basket case - A crazy person
Have a shot at - Have a chance
Be in the same boat - Be in the same situation
Out of the blue - With no warning
A grey area - Something unclear
Give someone the cold shoulder - Ignore someone
I’m all ears - You have my undivided attention
See eye to eye - Agree
Call it a day - Time to quit
The icing on the cake - Something additional that turns good into great

Animal Idioms for Kids

Fish out of water - Being somewhere you don’t belong
Kettle of fish - Something is completely different
Get off your high horse - Quit thinking you are better than others
Hold your horses - Wait a minute
Horse of a different color - Something that is different
Let the cat out of the bag - Tell a secret
Curiosity killed the cat - Asking may get you in trouble
Cat got your tongue? - Why aren’t you talking?
Raining cats and dogs - It is raining very hard
You can't teach an old dog new tricks - It’s harder for older people to learn new things
Hot dog - A person doing athletic stunts that are dangerous
Doggy bag - A bag to take home leftovers from a restaurant
A little birdie told me - Someone told me a secret
Bee in her bonnet - She is upset
Goose is cooked - Now you’re in trouble
For the birds - Something that is not worth anything
Birdbrain - Someone who is not very smart
But a bug in his ear - Make a suggestion
A bull in a china shop - someone who is very clumsy
Pig out - To eat a lot
Wolf in sheep’s clothing - A person who pretends to be nice but is not
Cry crocodile tears - To pretend to be upset
Make a mountain out of a molehill - Make something that is not important into a big deal



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