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2 Tutorials that teach IEP Specific LMS : Goalbook
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IEP Specific LMS : Goalbook

IEP Specific LMS : Goalbook

Author: Jody Waltman

In this lesson, you will learn about a specific learning management system: goalbookapp

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Video Transcription

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In this tutorial, we'll learn about a specific learning management system called Goalbook. Goalbook is a great fit for teachers who work with students who are on IEP plans. We'll begin with an overview of Goalbook, and then we'll examine its two major offerings, Goalbook Pathways and the Goalbook Toolkit. Let's get started.

Let's begin with an overview of Goalbook. Goalbook is an online learning management system that aims to help teachers meet the needs of diverse learners. Goalbook helps teachers to develop standards-based instruction, and it provides individualized resources that teachers can select and utilize based on their student's unique needs. There's also a professional development component that helps teachers to get the most out of their use of Goalbook.

One of the two main sections of the Goalbook website is Goalbook Pathways. Goalbook Pathways can be implemented school-wide or district-wide. Here, teachers can view and investigate the Common Core state standards. Each standard is presented in a scaffolded manner.

The four levels of scaffolding include level one, recall. Level two, skills and concepts. Level three, strategic thinking. And level four, extended thinking. Goalbook Pathways also includes suggestions for teachers who are instructing using universal design for learning principles.

It also provides recommendations for the use of formative assessments to help diagnose students' strengths and weaknesses and to inform instruction. Also available on the Goalbook website is the Goalbook Toolkit. This section of the website focuses on standards-based instructional design that meets the needs of both individual teachers and of their unique students.

Teachers can search for Common Core state standards, and the Goalbook Toolkit will provide them with specific suggestions for instructing within the context of that standard. Not only are suggestions made for instructing in the traditional components of reading, writing, and mathematics, the Goalbook Toolkit also addresses speech, behavior, social emotional learning, and even the unique needs of students who are on the autism spectrum.

Goalbook Toolkit develops specific measurable learning goals that can be used in both IEP and 504 plans. They also include grade level expectations, and teachers can make modifications as needed. Teachers can view recommendations for multiple ways of representation, expression, and engagement. Goalbook Toolkit also provides explanations of specific strategies and gives examples of those strategies in use.

In addition to all of these features, Goalbook also provides professional development opportunities that instruct teachers in instructional design and delivery. In this tutorial, we took a look at the Goalbook learning management system. We began with an overview of Goalbook, and then we explored the two main offerings on Goalbook's website, Goalbook Pathways-- which presents Common Core state standards in four scaffolded levels-- and the Goalbook Toolkit, which includes tools to help teachers design instruction and student goals that are aligned with both 504 and IEP plans.

Now is a great time for you to stop and reflect. Would the Goalbook learning management system benefit you and your students? Would it help you to design instruction and goals for your students that help them meet the goals on their IEP and 504 plans?

To dive a little deeper and learn how to apply this information, be sure to check out the additional resources section associated with this video. This is where you'll find links targeted toward helping you discover more ways to apply this course material. Thanks for watching. Have a great day.

Notes on "IEP Specific LMS : Goalbook"

(00:00 - 00:20) Introduction

(00:21 - 00:48) Goalbook Overview

(00:49 - 01:31) Goalbook Pathways

(01:32 - 02:45) Goalbook Toolkit

(02:46 - 03:10) Review

(03:11 - 03:43) Stop and Reflect

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