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IGCSE Business Studies

IGCSE Business Studies

Author: Zuraida Hashim

The objectives to teach this topic are:

1) To ensure that students understand the differences between sole trader and partnership organisations;

2) To ensure that students understand the differences between private private limited companies and public limited companies;

3) To compare and contrast all of these forms of business organisation in the private sector by referring to their advantages and disadvantages;

4) Understand the features of business organisations in the public sector

5) To recommend suitable forms of business organisation to owners and managers of firms in particular circustances.

By learning this topic, students could develop skills and ability to analyse few things including understanding the business organisations in the private and public sectors, the environment in which they operate and different business functions such as finance and marketing. Students also could appreciate the critical role people play in making a business a success.

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Forms Of Business Organisation

This topic explains the main forms of business organisation in the private and public sectors. It highlights the advantages and disadvantages of each of these forms of business organisation. The topic also states the appropriateness of each of these forms in different circumstances.

Source: Text Book: Complete Business Studies for Cambridge IGCSE & O Level. Brian Titley