Illusions: The Art of Leadership

Illusions: The Art of Leadership

Author: Andrew LaMere

Illustrate the metaphorical connection between illusion in art and organizational leadership.

Loosen the restrictive personal lens that all experiences are filtered through.

Prompt leaders to view a situation or issue through the multiple vantage points of all others involved. 

Many of us subconsciously fall victim to the restrictive lens in which we perceive, understand, and deal with organizational issues.  Werhane (1999) states, “Sometimes some of us have one-track minds.  We filter all experience through one point of view, and it is difficult to try to change that perspective” (p. 49).  When   confronted with a decision, our minds resort to making choices based on previous experiences.  Facing a challenge within the workplace or life in general, triggers a response in us where we take the issue and sift it through our “…intentions, interests, desires, points of view, or biases, all of which work as selective and restrictive filters” (p.49).  As we instantaneously run through these ingrained pre-conceived points of view and stereotypes in our mind, our choices become more and more congruent with our desired, yet restricted and narrow outcome. 

Ultimately, the mind sees what it chooses to see...


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