Illustrator: The Fish

Illustrator: The Fish


What you'll learn in this lesson:

  • Creating shapes, selecting objects using the selection tools, transforming shapes, using layers to organize artwork and create a background using a shape, rotate and duplicate tools.
  • Assessment: creation of artwork from the tutorial- individualize the background, use live paint to customize the fish and bubbles.
  • Submit online to Haiku LMS assignments page and backup to your dropbox folder.

NETS Standards: 

Creativity and Innovation

  1. 1.A- Apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes
  2. 1.B- Create original works as a means of personal or group expression

Technology Operations and Systems

  1. 6.B- Select and use applications effectively and productively
  2. 6.C- Troubleshoot systems and applications
  3. 6.D- Transfer current knowledge to learning of new technologies
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Student Instructions


  • View the Illustrator video below
  • Click to Download the fish .ai file
  • Create "New" file in Illustrator: name it lastname_mmperiod_fish.
  • Vary the colors of the background to make it unique and use the gradient tool.
  • File export as a .jpg file to preserve the white background.
  • Upload to Dropbox Illustrator Exercises Folder and submit into the Haiku LMS assignment.

Illustrator Fish with Custom Background

WSQ for Fish Tutorial

After watching the tutorial, fill in the WSQing form below. Be sure to scroll down to complete the form.

Source: Sophia Flipped Classroom Certification

Learning Media Design: Adobe Illustrator CS4

Full Screen

Source: Pearson Education, 2010

Illustrator Exercises Submission Form