Imperialism Debate

Imperialism Debate

Author: Alan Brown

To Research the views of Imperialism's supporters and detractors after the Spanish-American War, and revive the argument in a role-playing debate.

Students will take on the character of a supporter or detractor of US Imperialism, research their views on the topic, then engage in a debate while staying in character to understand the context of the argument.

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Imperialism Debate Assignment


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Imperialism Debate Rubric


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Emilio Aguinaldo - Alguinaldo Speaks

Aguinaldo discusses US Imperialism

Full Screen

Sen. George Frisbie Hoar - The Lust for Empire

Hoar discusses Imperialism

Full Screen

George Boutwell - Platform of the US Anti-Imperialist League

Boutwell discusses the dangers of Imperialism

Full Screen

William Graham Sumner - The Conquest of the United States

Sumner reflects on Imperialism

Full Screen

Samuel Gompers -Imperialism, It's Dangers & Wrongs

Gompers reflects on Imperialism

Full Screen

Mark Twain - To the Person Sitting In Darkness

Twain sarcastically addresses Imperialism

Full Screen

William Jennings Bryan - The Paralyzing Influence of Imperialism

Bryan addresses Imperialism

Full Screen

Sen. Albert Beveridge - The March of the Flag

Beveridge addresses Imperialism

Full Screen

Josiah Strong - Lead them from Darkness

Strong reflects on Imperialism

Full Screen

Theodore Roosevelt - Shrink From No Strife

Roosevelt reflects on Imperialism

Full Screen

William McKinley - Adding to the Map

McKinley reflects on Imperialism

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Alfred Thayer Mahan


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