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The Objective of this PD is for participants to:

Learn what constitutes a data team
Formulate how to find time for data team meetings during contract hours 
Understand the key role data team leaders play, as well as their responsibilities
Understand how to select data team leaders
Outline steps in the collaborative data team process
Set up the first step in data team process
Study the structure a data team meeting must follow
Practice facilitation skills.

By the end of the lesson, all team members will gain a better understanding of the expectations of the implementation of data teams, the roles and responsibilities of each participant as well as how to select data team leaders and begin the process of data teams with prepared student data.

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Getting Started

Session Description. How can teams of teachers use their meeting time to work on substantive issues of teaching and learning? Data teams focus teachers attention on student learning by identifying a specific skill or topic with which students are struggling, and collaboratively developing a set of strategies to bring all students to mastery.This presentation will describe an elementary school\'s experience in starting data teams, and will examine the issues surrounding successful implementation

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Data Team five step process

Published on Jul 28, 2012

See how Data Teams can formalize collaboration through a definitive five-step process focused on increasing student achievement.

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