Important Moments in Televised Presidential Debate History

Important Moments in Televised Presidential Debate History

Author: Ryan Keeshan

To view and comment on a collection of important moments in televised Presidential debate history in order to identify and analyze the changes to the American political system under the televised Presidential debate process.

Students will watch the provided video and answer a series of questions about its contents. 

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Bob Benenson's Presidential Debate Moments That Mattered.

Source: CQ Politics Youtube Channel

Video Questions

After watching the video, answer the following questions in a document or on this Google Form


1. What did Gerald Ford say in his debate with Jimmy Carter that hurt his reputation in the election? Why was it important? 
2. How did Michael Dukakis hurt his image in his debate with George Bush? 
3. How did Al Gore's performances in his debates with George W. Bush in 2000 influence the outcome of that election?