Improving your reading: Reciprocal Teaching Part 1

Improving your reading: Reciprocal Teaching Part 1

Author: Beth Crawford

1. To introduce students to the concept of Reciprocal Teaching

2. To create a self reflection, comparing proficient readers with students' own reading strategies

3. To practice step 1 of R.T.:predicting

4. To master step 1.

  1. Students are introduced to the idea of Reciprocal Teaching, a reading strategy that incorporates many of the aspects of proficient reading strategies, as per Debbie Miller's Reading with Meaning.
  2. Next, students are introduced to the first step of R.T., called predicting. 
  3. Lastly, they are asked to draw on prior knowledge and textual clues to make predictions about several texts.
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Reciprocal Teaching Format

Demonstrates for students the layout of a successful reciprocal teaching reflection.

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Improving Reading Proficiency: Step 1 of Reciprocal Teaching

Clifford, the big, red dog

What's your predicting statement for Clifford, the Big, Red Dog?

Clifford, the Big, Red Dog

Source: David Gallager, on flickr