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In-Text Citation and Reference Pages in MLA

In-Text Citation and Reference Pages in MLA

Author: Katie Sutton

This lesson teaches MLA formatting of in-text citations and reference pages.

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Notes on "In-Text Citation and Reference Pages in MLA"

(00:00 - 00:36) Introduction
(00:37 - 01:10) Representing Sources
(01:11 - 03:48) Construction of In-Text Citations
(03:49 - 05:22) Construction of a Works Cited page
(05:23 - 07:00) Sample In-Text Citations
(07:01 - 08:51) Sample Works Cited page
(08:52 - 09:44) Recap

  • Parenthetical Reference

    Specific bibliographic data, contained in parentheses at the end of in-text citations.

  • In-text Citation

    Sources used or cited in an essay through quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing, so-called because they appear within the text of the essay itself.

  • Works Cited Page

    A list at the end of an essay or book that includes properly formatted bibliographic data for all the sources cited in the essay.