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Individualized Learning and CBE

Individualized Learning and CBE


In this lesson, you will be learning about individualized learning. You will investigate the idea of individualized learning plans and how individualized learning supports competency-based education.

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Understanding Competency-Based Instruction

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Notes on "Individualized Learning and CBE"

(00:00-00:17) Intro

(00:18-00:36) Objectives

(00:37-03:59) Individualized Learning Overview & Best Practices

(04:00-06:38) ILP Overview & Benefits

(06:39-09:05) Connections to CBE & Sample ILP

(09:06-09:53) Review & Reflection

Additional Resources

Personalization vs Differentiation vs Individualization Report

This report and accompanying slideshow by Personalize Learning is a useful overview of the differences and overlaps between these three strategies that often get confused with one another despite being very different.This is a helpful tool in understanding the important differences.

edSurge: Individualized Learning

This article provides helpful explanations as well as tech tools that teachers can use to support individualized teaching and learning in the classroom.