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INEQUALITIES - Graphing Systems of Linear Inequalities

INEQUALITIES - Graphing Systems of Linear Inequalities

Author: Kate Sidlo

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to identify and graph a system of linear inequalities.

This tutorial walks students briefly through how to graph systems of linear inequalities.  Then goes over the number of solutions and types of systems that can be created using multiple inequalities.

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1) Watch the podcast & take notes
    NOTES - Cornell Style on p.15
                    Questions are given in the podcast
                    Title: Systems of Inequalities

2) Explore the tutorial page   
    Watch the prezi and look at the concept map from the notes
    Check out other websites and videos about systems of inequalities
    Review the vocabulary from the unit

3) Work Time
     - Assignment: graph systems of inequalities with clear boundary lines and neat shading
     - Vocabulary: on the back of your vocabulary table add BOUNDED and OPEN, use the definitions from the
       webpage and add sentences

INEQUALITIES - Systems of Inequalities

This podcast introduces students to graphing systems of inequalities as well as the different types of systems of inequalities - no solution systems, infinite solution systems, as well as, bounded and open systems.

This podcast assumes students have graphed linear inequalities before.

Graphing Systems of Inequalities Slides

The slides of the podcast about graphing systems of inequalities.

Full Screen


This is a brief description of the types of systems that can be created with linear inequalities - systems with infinite or no solutions, as well as, bounded and open systems.



BOUNDARY LINE: The line that separates the solutions from the non-solutions for an inequality

BOUNDED: A system of inequalities where all solutions are contained in an area by the inequalities.

INEQUALITY: A symbol that shows a mathematical relationship is not equal ( < , > , < , > )

OPEN: A system of inequalities where the solutions continue on forever.

SOLUTION: An ordered pair or pairs that make all inequalities in a system true.

SYSTEM:  A set of two or more inequalities with the same variable.



For more descriptions of systems of linear inequalities check out the article at PURPLE MATH


Check out the interactives and videos at KHAN ACADEMY