Infection Control

Infection Control

Author: Kathy Girard

After you complete this module, you will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between a pathogen and a non-pathogen.
  • List the six links of the chain of infection.
  • Describe three mechanisms for the transmission of disease.
  • Define nosocomial infection.
  • Identify high-risk patient types for nosocomial infections.
  • Apply knowledge of medical asepsis.
  • Demonstrate the proper technique for washing hands.
  • Use knowledge of isolation precautions.
  • Outline the principles of surgical asepsis.
  • Recall common disinfection and sterilization methods.
  • Review the correct disposal process for biohazardous materials.

This lesson explains what microorganisms are, chain of infection, Medical and Surgical Asepsis, Standard Precautions, PPE, Biohazardous waste, and Transmission-based Precautions.

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