Infinitives and AR Conjugations

Infinitives and AR Conjugations


SWBAT identify an infinitive. SWBAT find the stem of an infinitive. SWBAT conjugate AR verbs. 

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AR Conjugations

Assignment after the video

After you are done with the video, you are to create your own flower.

1. Choose 6 verbs from your vocab (Stay away from Estar and Gustar)

2. Find the stem of each verb and write one in each stem of your flower. It will be very helpful to also put what the verb means so you can learn the verb.

3. Put the conjugation endings for AR verbs in their respective petals (it should match what I did on the board.)

4. In each petal you should have the following

       a. The conjugation endings (o, as, a, amos, an)

       b. The stem with the conjugated ending added (bailo, bailas, baila, bailamos, bailan)

       c. what each conjugated verb means (i dance, you dance, she dances, we dance, they dance)