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Influence of Technology

Influence of Technology

Author: Maria Tucker

In this lesson you will learn to be able to recognize the impact of technology on the history of type.

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Notes on "Influence of Technology"


Image of crafted book, Public Domain

Image of woodblock, Creative Commons

Image of Calligraphy, Public Domain

Image of Printing Press, Creative Commons

Image of Moveable Type, Creative Commons

Image of Photo Typesetting, Creative Commons

Image of Laser Jet, Creative Commons

Image of Typewriter, Public Domain

Image of Typewriter Type, Public Domain

Image of Formatting Paragraphs, Creative Commons


Image of Mac original fonts, Creative Commons

Image of Bitmap Font, Fair Use

Image of TTF Font, by Maria Tucker

Image of OTF Font, by Maria Tucker

Image of Post Script Font, Public Domain


  • Johannes Gutenburg

    German jeweler and printer, invented the printing press and printed the first book in 1456.

  • Movable Type

    A component of Gutenberg's press, individual high relief characters each on their own metal block.

  • Monospaced Type

    A non-proportional typeface; each character takes up the same amount of space.

  • Proportional Type Spacing

    Letter spacing that compensates for the shape of each character.

  • Open Type

    The most recent font file format; OpenType was developed by Adobe Systems and can be used on both Windows and Macintosh computer systems. File extension: .otf.

  • True Type

    A font file format developed by Microsoft. True Type comes in both Windows and Macintosh versions. File extension: .ttf.

  • Postscript Type 1

    A font file format developed by Adobe. Postscript fonts consist of 2 files. File extension: .ps.