Author: Maria Tucker

In this lesson, you will learn about information graphics

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Visual Communications

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  • Infographics

    Information graphics is a design practice that presents data visually; this may consist of a simple ratio pie chart to condensing large amounts of complex data into visually digestible formats.

  • Edward Tufte

    Edward Tufte is a Yale Professor who pioneered the field of infographics.

  • Thematic Graphic

    A thematic graphic is when the actual graphic presenting the data is labeled by color, shape, form, line, or dots.

  • Referent Graphic

    A referent graphic is an icon that refers to an element within the infographic, where the reader can easily surmise information by looking for a specific part of the data.

  • Callout

    A callout is a small bit of text attached to a line or graphic pointing to its referral.