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Information Systems Infrastructure-Wireless LANs & Wireless WANs

Information Systems Infrastructure-Wireless LANs & Wireless WANs

Author: david utsey

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Please read Case study 2 - BovenIJ Hospital and write a paper to address ALL of the following discussion points:

1.     Identify the key IT infrastructure challenges at BovenIJ Hospital before using Huawei Campus Network Solution.

2.     Discuss, with concrete evidence from the case study as well as additional research on your own, on how the solution proposed by TenICT and Huawei's Amsterdam Enterprise team can help solving EACH of the following requirements for BovenIJ's network upgrade (“BovenIJ Hospital”):

o   Reliability, high-performance and high-availability: A network that will deliver the highest level of uptime.

o   Bandwidth and scalability: A network with adequate capacity to accommodate high-bandwidth applications, and one that can be easily upgraded from 1G to 10G.

3.     Do additional research and explain what does it mean by OPEX savings and CAPEX savings. Discuss, with evidence from the case study, how Huawei and TenICT network solution can offer OPEX and CAPEX saving to BovenIJ hospital.

4.     Based on your understanding of the case study, explain what does it mean by “future-proof IT infrastructure”. Provide example to prove that BovenIJ’s network is really future-proof.

Format your paper

o   Be sure to reference all resources cited.

o   Use APA formatting (see a guide here:

o   State ALL the discussion points (1-4) clearly in your answer.

Do not plagiarize

This assignment is monitored by Turnitin, a software to check of a work is similar to internet resources and other students' works.

You can view Turnitin report a while after submitting your paper. If the similarity index is too high, consider rewrite your paper. The best is you write in your own words because we want to understand your own view.

All plagiarism cases will be penalized heavily without any excuse.


BovenIJ Hospital future-proofs IT infrastructure with Huawei 10G Campus Network Solution. Retrieved  from


Deadline: Thursday, Aug 3, 23:59PM (mid-night)

Late submission: -20% per day. 

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