Inner-Outer Circle Discussion

Inner-Outer Circle Discussion

Author: Heather Sanders

Students will discuss a shared text, create critical thinking questions based on their reading/annotations, and support their answers/ideas with evidence from the text.

An Inner-Outer Circle Discussion (also called a Socratic Seminar) is an organized method for class discussion over topics presented in class or outside reading assignments.  The Inner-Outer Circle discussion allows for students to orally review their understanding and requires other students to raise pertinent questions still unanswered.

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Inner-Outer Circle Discussion - Notes

Also known as a Socratic Seminar, the Inner/Outer Circle Discussion is a student-led discussion method designed to encourage students’ open discussion of deeper concepts and practice higher-level questioning.

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Inner-Outer Circle Discussion Handout

This handout will accompany the notes over Inner-Outer Circle Discussion.

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Question Stems for Inner-Outer Circle Discussion

This handout includes possible question stems to use when creating questions for the Inner-Outer Circle Discussion.

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Inner-Outer Circle Discussion: Peer Observation Form

This form allows for students to conduct Peer Observations as part of the teacher's assessment.

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