Inorganic and Organic Composition of Bone

Inorganic and Organic Composition of Bone

Author: Aaron Mullally

- Review and define the terms organic and inorganic

- Identify that 1/3 of bone is organic and 2/3 is inorganic

- Identify the organic material of bone (cells and collagen)

- Identify the inorganic material of bone (calcium and other minerals)

- Define the term osteoblast  and describe its function

- Define the term osteoclast and describe its function

- Define the term osteocyte and describe its function

- Define the term osteogenitor cell and describe its function

- Start thinking about how these cells contribute to the remodeling process of bone

This packet will discuss the inorganic and organic materials within bone tissue. This packet is important to get you thinking not just about bone development but also about remodelling. Make sure you are comfortable with your knowledge about this packet before you try and tackle the next topics.

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Overview of Bone Composition

In order to understand how bone grows, develops and remodels you need to have a good understanding of its composition. Remember that an organic substance contains carbon while inorganic substances do no. A protein would be an example of something organic while a mineral, like calcium, would be inorganic. The interrelationship of these two components of bone give it its strength and flexibility. There are various cells within bone that are important in the maintenance of bone tissue through a process called remodeling. The video below will go over the organic and inorganic components of bone; make sure you understand this well before you go any farther!

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Inorganic and Organic Composition of Bone

Make sure you understand this material well before moving on!

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Organic and Inorganic Composition

Make sure you don't forget the various cells of bone

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