Learning Targets

•I can distinguish insect from arachnid.
•I can describe an insect.
•I can describe a spider.
•I can compare and contrast insect and arachnid.

•Oxford Picture Dictionary interactive vocabulary
•Level Reading non-fiction Pearson Success Net

Many people believe that all bugs and creepy crawly things are insects. This is not true!

A spider is not an insect. It is an arachnid.

What's the difference?

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Reading in content Insects or Arachnid?

Reading in Life Science with visual aids.

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Source: Peason Success Net


After my EL students read Good Habit Great Reader Pearson books, they work together to describe their favorite insect(s)

Source: Oxford Pictures Dictionnary on line interactive vocabulary including practice tests.

Writing Rubrics & Check Lists

Students must know what is expected from them. They need to be trained on how to use the rubrics as a writer.

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Source: Own Created Check Lists & WIDA from EL MPLS