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Instant Feedback in the Classroom with the iPad

Instant Feedback in the Classroom with the iPad

Author: Darla Dunlop

This tutorial will demonstrate two different iPad apps for getting instant feedback in the classroom.  You can create an anonymous poll or quiz.

  • Explore the differences between eClicker and Socrative, two iPad apps used for getting real time polls or in class quizes
  • ​Learn how to use eClicker
  • Lean how to use Socrative
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Getting Real Time Feedback in the Classroom

This presentation will give some basic comparisons of eClicker and Socrative for in class polls or quizzes. Review the slideshow first and then check out the two demo videos.

Source: Slideshow by Darla Dunlop at

eClicker Presenter

This brief video will show you how to set up an eClicker quiz for use in the classroom. eClicker can only be used with Apple devices at this time. It is also limited to objective quiz questions as there is not currently an option for short answer, essay or free form responses. eClicker Presenter and Audience can be obtained in the iPad/iPhone app store or at

Source: Video created by Darla Dunlop at

Socrative Demo

This is a demonstration of how to use Socrative another iPad app that can obtain real time information from students via quizzes or polls. Socrative can be used by multiple devices including computers, smart phones and tablets. There are Socrative apps for Apple and Android devices but if a student does not have one of these then they just need to go to the website and hit student log in. The apps can be downloaded from the app store or at

Source: Video created by Darla Dunlop at