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Instructional Development and Management

Instructional Development and Management


In this lesson, you will consider ways to design instruction in competency-based classroom, along with classroom management challenges that come with a technology-rich environment.

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Understanding Competency-Based Instruction

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Instructional Development & Management

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Notes on "Instructional Development and Management"

(00:00-00:27) Intro

(00:28-00:40) Objectives

(00:41-04:45) CBE & Instructional Development

(04:46-08:56) CBE & Classroom Management

(08:57-09:50) Review & Reflection

Additional Resources

How Student Centered Is Your Classroom?

This Edutopia article provides teachers with guiding questions to consider when creating a student-centered classroom. The questions and tips provide a framework for establishing instructional management in a CBE classroom.

Competency-Based Education: Helping All Kentucky Students Succeed

This helpful report from the Kentucky Department of Education includes strategies for instructional and classroom management in a CBE setting.