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Author: Christiana Chavez

Objective: Students will be able to understand the food groups and correct portion sizes to eat daily and apply it by creating their own menu and then presenting it to the class.

Once the students reviewed all materials that they have been instructed to, students will create their menu using the food blog worksheet.

The students will bring their completed food blog worksheet to class the next day and present their menu.


Health: Standard 1: Essential Concepts 1.1.N Describe the food groups, including recommended portions to eat from each food group

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In order to gain comprehension of the stated objective, please complete the following tasks:

1. View "My Plate Plan"

2. View "Examples of the food groups"- Powerpoint

3. View "10 tips towards Eating Healthy"

4. Print PDF: "My Plate: Weekly Food Blog"

*Remember you will be creating your own menu while including all the food groups and correct portion sizes. Take notes.

My Plate Plan

These are the required food portions and food groups to eat for ages 9-13.

Examples of the food groups

This Powerpoint will provide a variety of examples of each food group.


10 tips towards Eating Healthy

Consider these tips when making your own menu.


My Plate: Food Blog

Print this PDF to create your menu. Remember to provide the protion sizes for each food group for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks.