INTC 5590 Game Evaluation

INTC 5590 Game Evaluation

Author: Douglas Harvey

Consider criteria to use when evaluating games.

Create an evaluation form for use with your game.

Provides articles that help you consider what criteria is important to include when evaluating games, and some examples are provided of what an evaluation form might look like so you can develop your own.

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Things to Consider

When evaluating a game, whether your own or one created by others, you want to determine some things in advance. The articles linked here provide some starting points in creating the criteria by which you evaluate games:







Sample Evaluation Forms

These are two different evaluation tools as examples of what you need to devise for yourself - the first is the simple example, the second more complex. 





Your Challenge

Devise an evaluation form for your game. This form will be used by your partner(s) to evaluate your game for the beta evaluation as well as the final course meeting "Game Night".