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INTC 5590 Visual Interface

INTC 5590 Visual Interface

Author: Douglas Harvey

Reflect on how the design of the visual or user interface for the game impacts the gameplay.

Complete a storyboard for a prototype of your game.

The visual interface of a game is important to the game play and player experience. This tutorial is meant to prod you to reflect on how you make decisions concerning the interface for a game.

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Evolution of Game Interfaces

Visit the following web sites to gain an understanding of how game interfaces have changed over the years as technology has progressed:


Food for Thought

Video from a talk given by Mike Stern about user interface design for iOS games. Don't get hung up on the medium but rather the principles he discusses and why those principle apply to the iOS and iPod/iPad screens. Think about how your medium influences the visual interface choices you have to make for your own game.

Storyboarding Resources

Some resources to help you with story boarding your game: - includes a Word template - Google Doc template


Your Challenge

This week you should be busy preparing to build a prototype for your game next week, so your challenge this week is to storyboard out the prototype - plan out the characters, interface, media and anything else you need. You also should be familiar with the tool you are using to create the game, so make sure you spend lots of time with it. Bring the storyboard to class so you can work from it while developing the prototype.