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Integers and Absolute Value

Integers and Absolute Value

Author: Anna Hunter

This lesson will teach how to compare and order integers and how to find the absolute value of an expression.


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Watch the video on integers.  Write a summary of the video in your interactive notebook.  After you have watched the video several times and you still have unanswered questions, write them in your interactive notebook so that I can answer in class tomorrow.

What's an Integer?


Check Your Progress

Write an integer for each real-world situation in your interactive.

1.  a loss of 8 yards

2.  a deposit of $15

3.  32 feet under ground

4.  8 weeks after birth

Draw a number line and graph  the following integers.

5.  -6, -4, -2, 1 and 6.

What is absolute value?

Click on the website below to view a lesson on absolute value.  You may replay the video as many times as necessary.  Take notes on the right side of your interactive notebook.  After you have viewed the video several times, take the quiz.  Retake the quiz until you score 80 or above.

Source: video taken from

Looking Ahead at Integers and Absolute Value.

Tomorrow's Plan of the Day:

  • Discuss homework/Answer questions
  • Practice problem solving pages 64-66 (textbook)
  • Take quiz - Smart Response
  • Introduce/Discuss  Webquest Project

Listed below is a link to the "What are Integers?" project which you will complete and turn in by September 1, 2012.