Integrating Technology into the Classroom- Part Two

Integrating Technology into the Classroom- Part Two

Author: Mike Galeone

The objective of this tutorial is to provide the faculty of my school technology resources they can use in their teaching.

This Webinar is based on the technology tools I learned in my Integrating Technology course I took at the Richard Stockton College of NJ. Using what I learned from these tools I hope to turnkey that information into two 15 minute videos that will give a brief overview of what I learned (video one) and a more in-depth tutorial on two other tools (video two) that teachers can start using immediately in their classrooms

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Integrating Technology into the classroom- Part Two

This Webinar is the second installment of the two-part professional development Webnar I will provide to the faculty of my school. The first video documented the types of technology integration tools I learned in my class and how I used them in a unit I created. This video is a tutorial on two specific tools, Socarative and Padlet, which are assessment and social media tools that can be incorporated into lessons. I will also briefly discuss the importance of informational literacy and how students can responsibly search the web when exploring a topic.