Interaction between body systems

Interaction between body systems

Author: Jane Gonzalez
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Interaction between body systems screencast

Screen cast illustrates and narrates the evidence of interaction between the Integumentary system - skin, pores, hair, glands and muscle system. The fin, part of the integumantary system, of a virtual fish will move with the help of muscles interact winth it. The fin alone could not move, it needed the muscles to work with it to move.

Source: Mrs. Gonzalez and Ms. Newman

Proof of life - Interaction of body systems

Choose from :

  1. Integumentary system - skin, pores, hair, glands
  2. Digestive System – stomach, liver, gall bladder
  3. Circulatory system – veins, arteries, heart
  4. Excretory system – kidneys, waste
  5. Endocrine system – hormones, enzymes, glands,
  6. Reproductive system – sex organs, ovaries, vagina, eggs
  7. Respiratory system – lungs, diaphragm
  8. Skeletal system – bones, skull
  9. Muscle system
  10. Nervous system – brain, spinal cord, nerves

Source: Ms. Newman

Body System Interactions

graphic organizer of students finding evidence of interactions between body systems in the lab

Source: LFU lab with Ms. Gonzalez and Ms. Newman

Question: What evidence did you find that body systems interact. Why is this important?

Answer the question:

Provide evidence:

Explain the connection:

Source: Mrs. Gonzalez