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Interactive Whiteboards for Teaching - INTC Stockton

Interactive Whiteboards for Teaching - INTC Stockton

Author: Douglas Harvey

Pre-service and in-service teachers will demonstrate the integration of interactive whiteboards with student learning experiences, as evidenced by the creation of a lesson plans and sharing of teacher artifacts that utilize interactive whiteboards for the achievement of higher order outcomes.

This tutorial is designed for use with pre-service and in-service teachers taking courses with Dr. Douglas M. Harvey, Associate Professor of Instructional Technology at the Richard Stockton College in Galloway, New Jersey. It provides content to support exploration of how interactive whiteboards such as SMARTBoards might be incorporated in K-12 educational settings.

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Downloading SMART Notebook

You will want to download and install the 30 day free trial of the SMART Notebook 11 software, available from the following website:

Go to  

Go to the SMART Notebook collaborative software link (blue icon w/white notebook). 

Use the “Choose a Version” option to select the one you want. Download the Smartboard Notebook 11.4  for Windows if you use a Windows machine, and 11.4 for Mac if you have an Apple computer.

When you select it a new page comes up. Hit the BLUE download button to download software. 
There are instructions that will pop up once you start this process. 

Note: If you have an iPad device you can download the SMART Notebook app from the App store - it costs $6.99

What is an interactive whiteboard?

While you may have used one in your own education, this video is a good basic explanation of what an interactive whiteboard provides for teachers. It was done by British educator Gareth Davies (

Best practices with interactive whiteboards

"This video showcases effective uses of Interactive White Boards in an elementary classroom.  Techknowledge is a set of professional development videos designed to illustrate effective instructional strategies for teaching with technology.  Featuring teachers who are leaders in technology instruction, the videos demonstrate best practices in action.  Using interviews (both students and teacher) and classroom footage, these professional development tools are designed to help other teachers increase their expertise in technology use and assist them in improving their teaching methods."

This link is to a short blog post from 2009 by Silvia Tolisano that explores using SMARTBoards for higher order outcomes:


Classroom Strategies for Using Interactive Whiteboards

Jennifer Harper & Brenda Stein Dzaldov talk about their book, "Literacy Smarts", and illustrates a range of simple and effective ways to get the most out of your classroom's Interactive Whiteboard.

This is just a video of a seminar for teachers, but I want you to focus on the ideas they share for the way they use interactive whiteboards to help students achieve literacy outcomes.

Lesson Activity Toolkit for SMART

This video is a detailed glance at the Lesson Activity Toolkit feature of SMART Notebook Software. The video shows you how to download and update your toolkit, and what items are available to use in lesson planning.

SMART Notebook

This YouTube channel has tutorials for how to do lots of things in the SMARTNotebook software. Ignore the information about signing up for Learningspace (it no longer is available for sign up) but you can view all the tutorials on YouTube. Make sure you view the video on YouTube so you can get the links to the other tutorials.

Resources for lessons

Some of the following sites are useful for finding lesson ideas. Look around at all of them, do not just grab a SMART Exchange lesson - remember you want to think for yourself and make a lesson that aims for higher order outcomes - be critical of the lessons and see if you can modify the resources or lessons for your goals: