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Interior and Exterior Angles of Polygons

Interior and Exterior Angles of Polygons

Author: Seth Marx

To understand the characteristics of the interior and exterior angles of basic convex and regular polygons.

This packet gives visuals and formulas of the interior and exterior angles of polygons, as well as gives a few sample problems to put these formulas into action.

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New Terms

Polygon: a closed shape of at least 3 line segments

Regular polygon: the line segments are congruent (the same) AND the interior angle measurements are congruent (the same)

Convex polygon: all angles under 180 degrees, if a line segment between 2 vertices is drawn, it will stay within the boundaries

Concave polygon: has at least one angle over 180 degrees, if a line segment is drawn between 2 vertices, it will leave the boundaries at least once; seems to "cave in" upon itself

Interior Angles: the angles on the inside of a polygon

Exterior Angles: the angle created between an extension of one side and the adjacent side of a polygon

Interior Angles

This video explains the interior angles of convex polygons: what they are, how to add them up, and what they mean.

Exterior Angles

Just like in the interior angles video, the exterior angles video goes over the know-how on the exterior angles of polygons.