This lesson will explain the interphase stage that occurs while a cell is preparing to start mitosis.
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Our cells are constantly making copies of themselves to replace dying cells, to heal a wound or to allow for growth. This process of making more body (somatic) cells is called mitosis. Interphase is one of the steps of mitosis. The cell spends about 90% of its life in interphase and is busy carrying out its normal functions as well as preparing itself for cell division. In order to prepare for division the cell will begin to grow in size, proteins will be synthesized and the cell will make copies of its genetic material that is contained in the nucleus of the cell. During this stage of the cell cycle DNA is found in a form called chromatin. In a later stage the chromatin will condense into chromosomes for cell division. These preparations are necessary for the cell to progress into the later stages of mitosis which include prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase and cytokinesis.