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Intersection of Standards and Competencies

Intersection of Standards and Competencies


In this lesson you will analyze the connection between standards and competencies in instruction

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Notes on "Intersection of Standards and Competencies"

(00:00-00:44) Intro

(00:45-01:05) Objectives

(01:06-05:43) Intersection of Standards & Competencies

(05:44-07:35) What Teachers Need to Know

(07:36-07:45) Review

(07:46-08:28) Reflection

Additional Resources

Creating Coherence Common Core State Standards, Teacher Evaluation, and Professional Learning

This report from the Center for Great Teachers and Learners helps see the intersection between teacher standards and students standards in the classroom. In particular, review the four steps to aligning the professional practices of the district with the instructional shifts and practice standards of the CCSS. This document uses Danielson and Marzano frameworks to illustrate the process.


Competency Works: Learning from the Cutting Edge

This site is a comprehensive website on teaching and learning using competency based instruction. The article, What is the Difference between Standards-Based Grading (or Reporting) and Competency-Based Education? connects and differentiates between Competency Based Education and Standards Based Instruction when grading and reporting. This article is based upon the work of a school district in Iowa. You may want to explore the other sections of this website for resources connected to Competency Based Education.