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Intertwining Technology with Classroom Managment - ClassDojo

Intertwining Technology with Classroom Managment - ClassDojo

Author: Alex Hubbard

Teachers will learn how to:

  • use ClassDojo to monitor behavior in their classroom. 
  • introduce ClassDojo to their students
  • interact with parents using ClassDojo

Class Dojo is a program that allows teachers to monitor behaviors in the classroom, both positive and negative. The customizable behaviors are tracked and can then be shared with parents based on their individual child. Class Dojo compiles student behavior data throughout the school year and can build customizable reports based on the timeframe that the teacher indicates.

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What is ClassDojo?

Student introduction to ClassDojo

Why use ClassDojo?

ClassDojo has awesome features, which include: 

1- Behavior management finally made positive

  •  Award feedback points for specific behaviors, learning habits, and accomplishments in class.
  •  Everything is logged in realtime and organized for you

2- See full classroom engagement in minutes

  •  All of the avatars, behaviors, and other visuals are  pre-loaded for you so you can hit the ground running
  • Customization takes seconds. ClassDojo works with every teaching style.

3- Get beautiful, hassle-free behavior reports

  • Track behavior and class trends - with just one click! 
  • No more having to interrupt the flow of class
  • Gain valuable insights with ClassDojo TrendSpotter.

4- Let students track their own progress

  • Let students reflect on their in-class performance with their student accounts
  • Build positive learning habits that last a lifetime .

5- Send reports to parents with one click

  • Break down the barriers between the classroom and home
  •  Get parents informed and on your side quickly and easily

6- Track points with any Android or iOS device

  • Award points on the go, wherever you are: in class, in the hallway, on a field trip, or anywhere else!
  •  No more lugging clipboards around or taking time out of class.

7- Join a community of teachers like you

  •  Hundreds of thousands of educators like you use  ClassDojo every day. Discover how they use ClassDojo to improve their teaching and save time.

How do I set up ClassDojo in my classroom?

This video describes the different features of the ClassDojo program and shows how to set up a classroom. This behavior management system can revolutionize the way you run your classroom.

What are other ways to implement ClassDojo into my classroom?

Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers are great resources for finding new and excited ways to implement ClassDojo in your class room. For example, Teachers Pay Teachers has a "ClassDojo Reward Menu and Award Certificate Pack" for $5. This product includes a classroom reward menu poster and 10 reward certificates available in color and black and white (shown below) designed to be used in conjunction with the ClassDojo Software. This reward system was designed with the teacher's budget in mind and includes tangible incentives that cost little or no money.


How do parents feel about ClassDojo?

Hear how two parents have loved partnering with teachers on ClassDojo. With the ability to give positive feedback, view realtime reports, and send two-way messaging with ClassDojo Messenger, their children have grown much faster than ever before!