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Intertwining Technology with Formative Assessment - Exit Ticket

Intertwining Technology with Formative Assessment - Exit Ticket

Author: Alex Hubbard

Teachers will learn how to:

use ExitTicket as formative assessment. 

ExitTicket is a next generation student response system designed to accelerate student achievement in and out of the classroom. Students get immediate real time feedback to questions, polls, practice question sets, quizzes and exams.

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ExitTicket Testimonials

Teachers discuss how they use ExitTicket and how it has effected their classrooms.

Adding Your Subject And Classes

This section describes the initial setup phase for an ExitTicket teacher. Before you launch your first assessment, we’ll enter your class information. While you can add in your students manually, it’s not required. Students can quickly create an account and join your roster the first time they take an assessment.



Creating An Assessment

Once you have added the subjects you teach and the class periods to your account, you’re ready to create and issue your first assessment. Once the assessment is started, as shown in the next section, students will be able to join your roster and create their accounts the first time they take an assessment.




Using ExitTicket During Class - Starting An Assessment

Using Exit Ticket During Class - Using Projector Mode

Using ExitTicket During Class - Using The Heatmap

You’ve got your subjects and class periods added and you’ve created an assessment. Next, we’ll start your assessment on the projector and show you how to observe the results from the Heatmap. We’ll also show students how to join your session.

Checking Results

You can do so much more than set up classes and create tickets. Let’s delve into results and gain insight into our students’ comprehension. We can also share content across your school, your district, or the Internet.