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Into to GAFE

Into to GAFE

Author: Lori Lind

Students will learn to sign in and out of the Chrome browswer.

Students will create folders to house assignments and will share the folders with teachers.

Students will remember Netiquette while on the Internet.

Introduction to GAFE at RR.

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Sign in to Chrome

Source: Lori Lind

Digital Citizenship

Source: Robin Young

Netiquette on the Internet

Source: Robin Young

GMail Netiquette

Source: Robin Young

Sign In to Chrome now.

Sign in to Chrome using the methods listed in the video.  There is also a new "Student GMail login" icon on the desktop you may use.

Create Folders for Classes

Source: Lori Lind

Create Folders Now

Create a folder for each of your classes.  Remember the form is :


lastname.firstname-subject-period number


Example:        smith.joe-Math-3



Share Folders with your Teachers

Source: Lori Lind

Now Share Each of your Folders

Share each of the folders you have made with the appropriate teacher.


This is where you will turn in work for the teacher.

Send an EMail

Pick a teacher and send an email to them using your new GMail account. Tell them how powerful this new tool can be. 

Sign Out of Chrome

Source: Lori Lind

Sign Out of Chrome Now.

Make sure you have signed out of Chrome.  Review the video if you need to,