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4 Tutorials that teach Intractable Conflict
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Intractable Conflict

Intractable Conflict

Author: Julie Tietz

At the end of this tutorial, the learner will understand the concept of intractable conflict.

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Terms to Know
Buffer State

A country situated between two larger, more powerful countries; the existence of a buffer state is thought to reduce conflict opportunities between the two greater powers.

Cultural Worldview

The way a person interprets and makes decisions about his or her environment (world), including beliefs and assumptions about what is considered right or normal.


A person's sense of self; the way an individual defines himself or herself.

Intractable Conflict

A conflict which has a long history, in which the attitudes, positions, and worldviews of involved parties have escalated or perpetuated conflict.


The established right of a recognized government to determine internal policy and law of its country.