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Intro to Chemistry

Intro to Chemistry

Author: Joleen Henning

Students will be able to understand the basic concepts they will learn while studying the chemistry units.

Ankeny 8th grade Science Standards:

8.02 Compare and contrast elements, compounds and solutions based on the nature of their physical and chemical properties.

8.03 Differentiate and diagram elements based upon their basic atomic structure (protons, neutrons & electrons)

8.04 Compare physical and chemical changes (Unit 6 -and summarize their relationship to the conservation of matter and energy).

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States of Matter

A teacher rap to learn the 3 states of matter; solid, liquid and gas

Source: megEllis1215

Chemical vs Physical Changes

Mr. Anderson describes the differences between chemical and physical changes.

Source: Bozeman Science on YouTube

Atoms and the Periodic Table

Understand the basic parts of the atom and its connection to the periodic table.

Source: Bozeman Science on YouTube

Lab Safety

Learning the hard way about lab safety.

Source: youtube