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Intro to Emancipation Unit

Intro to Emancipation Unit

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Do Now:

Go to and complete a lesson or two. Most of you have NOT completed all the lessons. We have completed 1.1c, g, e, h and i. Only Anlly has completed all of them and is exempt from this part of the lesson.


Creative Writing Contest

Foldable on Civil War Unit

We are going to try something different. Go to the following link to see the kind of foldable I want you to make. It has four pockets.  Each pocket will be for a different task below.  The group will submit ONE foldable.



Source: To the Square Inch

Group Texts

1. By the Numbers- page 332 in the textbook:  

  • What are the differences in resources available to the North and South? Compare the Confederate soldier's monthly income with the prices for common goods. Why were these goods so expensive?
  • Look at the bar graph the shows the division of resources between North and South. Which three resources were held most heavily by the union? Which three resources did the confederacy hold more than 30 percent of? What do these numbers tell you about the South's dependence on slavery?

2. Historical, Social and Cultural Forces- page 334-335 in the textbook:

  • Summary of section 1- "The Path to War"- "The North wanted to stop slavery's spread, but Southerners insisted that new states should have the right to allow slavery. In order to satisfy both sides, Henry Clay proposed the Compromise of 1850."
  • Summarize "Antislavery Movement" and "Secession"  in 1-2 sentences each.

3. Big Idea 1- p 336-7

  • What are the four main ideas of this section?
  • State them in complete sentences

4. Big Idea 3- 340-341

  • What are the three main ideas of this section?
  • State them in complete sentences