Intro to Linear Programming

Intro to Linear Programming

Author: mary daunis

illustrate how to graph the constraint equations and find the solution to an LP problem.

The first video is an example.

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Determine Which Half-plane to Shade

Use the test point method to determine which half of the plane to shade.

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Geogebra Graphing Tool : Basic Menu ITems

Go to http://www.geogebra.org/cms/download to get the latest version. My videos were made with an earlier version.

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Pasting a Geogebra Frame into A Document

This video demonstrates how to capture the graphics view in Geogebra and paste it into your document.

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Using Geogebra to Solve A Linear System

This video demonstrates a solution to a system of two linear equations using Geogebra.

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Using Geogebra for Inequalities

To use Geogebra for graphing inequalities, simply change the equal sign to the desired inequality symbol. Geogebra will shade the appropriate region for you. You can experiment with various settings to change the type of shading. You might want to go with shades of gray rather than colors.

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Interpreting Constraints

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A Linear Programming Problem

Given an objective function and a set of constraints, find the optimal solution to the linear programming problem.

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Another Example - Linear Programming

Objective Function

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