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Intro to NHHS Dropbox usages and sign up

Intro to NHHS Dropbox usages and sign up

Author: Jeremy Linne

To teach new staff at NHHS how we utilize dropbox.

This tutorial will teach the staff at NHHS to know what dropbox is, how to sign up for an account, how to download it to your laptop, and explain lesson plan and public folders.

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Dropbox Intro and Sign-up

Dropbox Checklist #1

Hopefully you know have signed up for an account, downloaded it to your laptop, and created the "Public Folder" in your dropbox.  

Note about Public Folder: a public folder automatically exists in your dropbox.  If it is empty that means you HAVE NOT linked the NHHS public folder.  If you cannot find the email, click here, to be able to access the NHHS public folder.

If you have finished everything, please fill out the survey below so I can know if you need addtional help.  This survey will only be seen by me.


Dropbox #1 Survey