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Intro to PowToon

Intro to PowToon

Author: Tammy Austin

To learn more about PowToon and why it is an effective classroom tool

Allowing teachers (and students) to see that there are many more ways to reveal what they know than a paper or a power point creates projects that fit the ideals of PBL as well as 21st Century Learning

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Why should teachers use PowToon

As an alternative to slide shows, PowToon can be a great teaching tool, letting teachers create unique presentations. It also provides students a platform for creating presentations which can be a great tool in a Project Based Learning (PBL) or other type of classroom environment.  Teachers can use PowToon to create an introduction to a concept or deliver learning content.  Additionally, it can be a choice and voice alternative in an assignment or project for students. This allows students and teachers to use 21st Century Tools without spending a great deal of time teaching and/or learning the tool

Introduction to Powtoons

Source: Video provided by Powtoon via their YouTube account

Why teachers should use PowToon

Basic information as to why teachers would find PowToons beneficial.

Source: From Andrea Noffsinger's YouTube Channel