Intro to Probability

Intro to Probability

Author: Al Greene

This packet will discuss:

- Probability terms and definitions.
- Examples of simple probability problems
- Rules of probability
- Sampling with and without replacement

This packet introduces the basics of probability, including outcomes, sample space, event, mutually exclusive events, sampling with and without replacement, and inclusive events.

By this point, you should already be familiar with:

basic statistical terminology.

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New Terms

Some terms that will be discussed in this packet are:

  • sample space
  • sample point
  • event
  • mutually exclusive
  • inclusive
  • sample with and without replacement

You should already be familiar with basic statistical terminology.

After the powerpoint, there will be a few examples to test your understanding.

Source: Greene

Intro to Probability

This powerpoint talks about probability, some basic terminology about probability, and gives basic examples of how to calculate probability.

Source: Greene

Probability Examples

Here we have some examples to test your knowledge on the information learned in this packet. It would be helpful to have a pencil and paper nearby to write down your answers, or at least to be able to follow along.

Source: Greene