Introducing Lattice Multiplication

Introducing Lattice Multiplication

Author: Misty House

The objective of this lesson is to teach students a different way to do multiplication.  

This is a homework lesson and it has 2 videos showing my students steps in lattice multiplication.

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Introduction to Lattice Multiplication pt 1

This is the first video in my series of lattice multiplication videos. I hope that this helps to clarify what exactly it is and maybe helps some of you that may have problems with multiplication.

Introduction to Lattice Multiplication pt 2

This is the second video for lattice multiplication. This one introduces decimals into the picture.


This is your homework assignment. The bottom row of boxes is where your answers belong. Practice this and bring it to school tomorrow. This is just for practice but you have to do it. The answer key is also attached just so you can check your work.

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